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    howto: convert ascii text and image

    import PIL
    import PIL.Image
    import PIL.ImageFont
    import PIL.ImageOps
    import PIL.ImageDraw
    PIXEL_ON = 0  # PIL color to use for "on"
    PIXEL_OFF = 255  # PIL color to use for "off"
    def main():
        image = text_image('content.txt')'content.png')
    def text_image(text_path, font_path=None):
        """Convert text file to a grayscale image with black characters on a white background.
        text_path - the content of this file will be converted to an image
        font_path - path to a font file (for example impact.ttf)
        grayscale = 'L'
        # parse the file into lines
        with open(text_path) as text_file:  # can throw FileNotFoundError
            lines = tuple(l.rstrip() for l in text_file.readlines())
        # choose a font (you can see more detail in my library on github)
        large_font = 20  # get better resolution with larger size
        font_path = font_path or 'cour.ttf'  # Courier New. works in windows. linux may need more explicit path
            font = PIL.ImageFont.truetype(font_path, size=large_font)
        except IOError:
            font = PIL.ImageFont.load_default()
            print('Could not use chosen font. Using default.')
        # make the background image based on the combination of font and lines
        pt2px = lambda pt: int(round(pt * 96.0 / 72))  # convert points to pixels
        max_width_line = max(lines, key=lambda s: font.getsize(s)[0])
        # max height is adjusted down because it's too large visually for spacing
        max_height = pt2px(font.getsize(test_string)[1])
        max_width = pt2px(font.getsize(max_width_line)[0])
        height = max_height * len(lines)  # perfect or a little oversized
        width = int(round(max_width + 40))  # a little oversized
        image =, (width, height), color=PIXEL_OFF)
        draw = PIL.ImageDraw.Draw(image)
        # draw each line of text
        vertical_position = 5
        horizontal_position = 5
        line_spacing = int(round(max_height * 0.8))  # reduced spacing seems better
        for line in lines:
            draw.text((horizontal_position, vertical_position),
                      line, fill=PIXEL_ON, font=font)
            vertical_position += line_spacing
        # crop the text
        c_box = PIL.ImageOps.invert(image).getbbox()
        image = image.crop(c_box)
        return image
    if __name__ == '__main__':

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