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    investZinc is FREE and we need your support. Please support investZinc so that we can continue to bring you quality platform for you use and discussion.

    How to supporting us?

    • Use our DigitalOcean referral
    • Post interesting articles or topics in the forum.
    • Most important, continuous discussions! :)

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    What features will you like to have for this platform and forum?
    Feel free to comment if you like. Thanks.

    It's free anyway. :)

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    Choose the stock you wish to forecast.

    In this example, we choose Singapore Exchange (SGX).

    • Select the direction of the forecast
      Click on the bid button if you are bearish or ```ask`` button if you are bullish. Your entry price will be based on either bid / ask price.

    • The forecast form will appear and you can set your target, stop prices and the duration (in calendar days) of the forecast (or leave it as default).

    • (Optional) Input any notes for sharing or future reference
      You can also enter any comment regards to your forecast and click Submit button to process your forecast entry.


    Forecast Output

    Once the forecast has been successfully submitted to the server, your forecast post will be created as shown below:

    The forecast statistics will be processed by the server on a daily basis. You can track it and post new comment into the thread as a follow-up.

    See the example forecast result here:

    Forecast Statistics

    Your forecast accuracy / expectancy will be tracked by server and can be seen in the user profile. :) In the near future, we will list the top 5 analysts based on the forecast statistics.

    Feel free to try this out!

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    @Kian-Lee-Teo said in Dividend bugs:

    Bug example,

    • multiple $0.013 dividends instead of one only for 1st Nov 2016.
    • ex-date is always display wrongly, always a day earlier, example, showing 31 Oct 2016 (wrong date) instead of 1st Nov 2016 (correct date).

    The ex-date format has been fixed.

    Thanks for highlighting there are 3 same dividends, the duplicates has been removed.

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    Market Heatmap

    A market heatmap summarize the SGX market in two aspects:

    • stocks price change (%)
    • value traded (relative)

    The color intensity indicates the change in stock prices. The brighter it is, the greater the change in price. Based on the color, you can easily identify the losers (red) and winners (green).

    The size of the box represents the $ value traded relatively to other stocks in market. A large box indicates the trend and hold more weight on it price change.


    How do we make use of the map?

    1. I will spot bright colors (either green / red) with big box size to identify top counters of the day.
    2. I will then drill-down further on the chart to determine the trend of the stock.
    3. After identify the trend, I will then look for entry opportunity based on the entry strategy you are comfortable with.

    Feel free to share your views.

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    UNITED STATES (THE WASHINGTON POST) - The bad news is you may have to cut back on how much salmon you eat. The good news is when you find out the gross reason why, you might not have much of an appetite anyway.

    Salmon farms in Norway and Scotland, two of the world's largest exporters, have been decimated by sea lice, a parasite that has feasted on the blood and skin of salmon for millennia. Farther south in Chile, a toxic algae bloom has killed enough of the fish to fill several Olympic swimming pools.


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