Choose the stock you wish to forecast.

In this example, we choose Singapore Exchange (SGX).

  • Select the direction of the forecast
    Click on the bid button if you are bearish or ```ask`` button if you are bullish. Your entry price will be based on either bid / ask price.

  • The forecast form will appear and you can set your target, stop prices and the duration (in calendar days) of the forecast (or leave it as default).

  • (Optional) Input any notes for sharing or future reference
    You can also enter any comment regards to your forecast and click Submit button to process your forecast entry.


Forecast Output

Once the forecast has been successfully submitted to the server, your forecast post will be created as shown below:

The forecast statistics will be processed by the server on a daily basis. You can track it and post new comment into the thread as a follow-up.

See the example forecast result here:

Forecast Statistics

Your forecast accuracy / expectancy will be tracked by server and can be seen in the user profile. :) In the near future, we will list the top 5 analysts based on the forecast statistics.

Feel free to try this out!