As a kind of commonly used equipment in vacuum packaging machine, sealing machine is a machine which needs to seal the packaging container after the product is loaded into the packaging container, in order to make the product sealed and preserved, maintain the product quality, and avoid the loss of the product.This form of sealing refers to the packaging container containing products, the container for sealing machinery.The material that makes packaging container is very much, wait like paper kind, plastic, glass, pottery and porcelain, metal, compound material, and the configuration of packaging container and physical performance also are each different, accordingly, the form that USES and sealing device also are different.

Generally according to the mechanical properties of plastic injection machine, it can be divided into the following two categories: flexible container sealing device. Flexible container is a kind of bag container made of flexible materials, such as paper, plastic film and composite film.The sealing device of this kind of container is often combined with bag-making and paste filling machine, rarely used independently. Due to different materials, the sealing device is also different.Rigid container sealer.Rigid container refers to the container whose shape is not easy to change after the container is formed, its seal is multi-purpose the cover of different form, commonly used have the following a few kinds.

In general, the sealing machine has two forms of performance in the manual sealing machine and packaging.Well-known, screw cap. This kind of cover is processed into internal thread in advance, which can be divided into single head or multiple heads.For example, single-head thread is more commonly used in medicine bottles, and multi-head thread is more commonly used in cans. The machine rotates the cover and presses it against the mouth of the container.Second, roll marks. The cap is made of aluminum and has no thread beforehand. The cap is rolled by a roller to make it have the same thread shape as the thread of the bottle cap, so as to seal the container.This kind of cover is broken along the indentation around the skirt when unsealing, and cannot be restored, so it is also called "anti-theft cover". This machine is mainly used for sealing and packing of high-grade alcoholic drinks.