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investZinc Changelog

v1.0.1 (WIP)

Enhancements Move news component into stock view. Better write-up on the benefit to login as user. (Benefits)

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Dividend bugs

@Kian-Lee-Teo said in Dividend bugs:

It seem like its not only one stock, there are multiple stocks affected in year 2016, mostly likely dividends in the recently announced.

An example is SGX,
There are duplicate dividends on 2016-10-25.

Thanks for your feedback, we have finished the dividend duplication clean up for all the stocks. Please continue to feedback to us if you discover any more abnormality in the data. :fingers_crossed:

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A place to talk about whatever (almost) you want

how-to: Cure Youtude Addiction
Divide and Conquer (breakdown project into small parts) Rewards (on completing each task) Clear out distraction (how?)

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Stock market forecast & discussion

Work hard & Play hard

7kbot 6.5.3

@Phu-Cuong-Phan Sorry, 7kbot do not work anymore because it has already reaches its end-of-life.

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The science of today is the technology of tomorrow.

git commands
$ git stash list $ git stash show (inspect) $ git stash apply (restore) $ git reset $ git add .

Add files to staging area.

$ git commit -m 'committing added changes'

Commit changes with comment
eg. git commit -m 'Alice: fix xyz bug. (ALICE-401)'

$ git branch

Show the name of current branch

$ git checkout -b 'name of new branch'

Create a new branch
eg. git checkout -b 'alice-add-new-feature'

$ git push

git push origin 'alice-add-new-feature'
git push origin 'alice-add-new-feature'--force

$ git reset

unstage all

$ git commit --amend

Changing last commit message.

$ git diff --name-only HEAD~0 HEAD~2

Display the list of files changed between 2 commits.

$ git push --force-with-lease origin branch-name

error: failed to push some refs to 'gitolite@gitlab.grass.corp:p/higgs.git'

Check out one file from master.

$ git checkout -- protobuf/emscentral.proto
$ git checkout origin/master -- protobuf/emscentral.proto

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