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Five benefits of using a multifunctional vacuum package machine?

Vacuum packaging machine equipment can be divided into single vacuum packaging machine, double chamber vacuum packaging machine, external pumping vacuum packaging machine, vertical cabinet vacuum packaging machine, continuous vacuum packaging machine, stretch film vacuum packaging machine.The performance of different machine packaging is not the same, so we choose the laser coding machine to choose according to their own needs, let's learn about the use of multi-functional vacuum packaging machine five benefits?


Vacuum packaging machine is widely used in the food and drug industry, some drug and food industry regulations do not allow manual packaging, it must be packed by paste filling machine.Vacuum packaging machine effectively improve the shelf life of these foods and drugs, improve the health quality of these items.

Vacuum machine can reduce the cost of packaging.

Vacuum packaging machine is used in packaging products, can effectively protect the health of the human body, such as some dust, toxic products, irritating, radioactive products, manual packaging is difficult, so the choice of mechanical bottle blowing machine manufacturers, vacuum packaging machine is the best choice.

Vacuum packaging machine can effectively reduce the labor intensity, many products, if packed by hand, may cause some workers to get occupational diseases, if the plastic injection machine, will greatly reduce the labor.

Use vacuum packaging machine to package products, it can be packaged according to specific specifications and shapes, and that's something that human beings can't do.

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Stock market forecast & discussion

Short Forecast on Keppel DC Reit

Short Forecast on Keppel DC Reit

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Work hard & Play hard

Conq Blade

poleaxe build


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The science of today is the technology of tomorrow.

Grafana React Plugins
Graph Component

Finally we pass the series object to Graph component.

return ( <div> <Graph height={props.height} width={props.width} series={series} timeRange={props.timeRange} showLines={true} /> </div> );

Here is everything in a single gist.

import React from 'react'; import { PanelProps, GraphSeriesXY, GraphSeriesValue } from '@grafana/data'; import { Graph } from '@grafana/ui'; export interface GraphPanelOptions {} export const GraphPanel: React.FC<PanelProps<GraphPanelOptions>> = props => { let ser_ind: number = 0; const series: GraphSeriesXY[] = => { const timeVals: Array<GraphSeriesValue> = item.fields[0].values.toArray(); const yVals: Array<GraphSeriesValue> = item.fields[1].values.toArray(); const data: GraphSeriesValue[][] = []; for (let i = 0; i < timeVals.length; i++) { data.push([timeVals[i], yVals[i]]); } const unixTimeRange = - props.timeRange.from.unix(); const ser: GraphSeriesXY = { seriesIndex: ser_ind++, yAxis: { index: 0 }, isVisible: true, timeField:[0].fields[0], valueField:[0].fields[1], timeStep: props.width / unixTimeRange, data: data, label: 'some label', }; return ser; }); return ( <div> <Graph height={props.height} width={props.width} series={series} timeRange={props.timeRange} showLines={true} /> </div> ); };

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